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Section 11010.8. (Amended by Stats. 1995, Ch. 256, Sec. 1.)
Cite as: Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code §11010.8.

(a)The requirement that a notice of intention be filed pursuant to Section 11010 is not applicable to the purchase of a mobilehome park by a nonprofit corporation if all of the following occur:

(1)A majority of the shareholders or members of the nonprofit corporation constitute a majority of the homeowners of the mobilehome park, and a majority of the members of the board of directors of the nonprofit corporation are homeowners of the mobilehome park.

(2)All members of the corporation are residents of the mobilehome park. Members of the nonprofit corporation may enter into leases with the corporation that are greater than five years in length. “Homeowners” or “residents” of the mobilehome park shall include a bona fide secured party who has, pursuant to a security interest in a membership, taken title to the membership by means of foreclosure, repossession, or voluntary repossession, and who is actively attempting to resell the membership to a prospective resident or homeowner of the mobilehome park, in accordance with subdivision (f) of Section 7312 of the Corporations Code.

(3)A permit to issue securities under Section 25113 of the Corporations Code is obtained from the Department of Corporations. In the case of a nonissuer transaction (as defined by Section 25011 of the Corporations Code) involving the offer to resell or the resale of memberships by a bona fide secured party as described in paragraph (2) of this section, a permit is not required where the transaction is exempt from the qualification requirements of Section 25130 of the Corporations Code pursuant to subdivision (e) of Section 25104 of the Corporations Code. The exemption from qualification pursuant to subdivision (e) of Section 25104 of the Corporations Code available to a bona fide secured party does not eliminate the requirement of this section that the nonprofit corporation shall either file a notice of intention pursuant to Section 11010 or obtain a permit pursuant to Section 25113 of the Corporations Code.

(4)All funds of tenants for the purchase of the mobilehome park are deposited in escrow until the document transferring title of the mobilehome park to the nonprofit corporation is recorded. The escrow also shall include funds of homeowners that shall be available to the homeowners association nonprofit corporation for payment of any and all costs reasonably associated with the processing and conversion of the mobilehome park into condominium interests. Payment of these costs may be made from the funds deposited in escrow prior to the close of escrow upon the direction of the homeowners association nonprofit corporation.

(b)The funds described by paragraph (4) of subdivision (a), or any other funds subsequently received from tenants for purposes other than the purchase of a separate subdivided interest in any portion of the mobilehome park, are not subject to the requirements of Section 11013.1, 11013.2, or 11013.4.

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