You are here: California / Business and Professions Code - BPC / ARTICLE 7. Acupuncture Corporations [4975. - 4979.] / Section 4975.

Section 4975. (Amended by Stats. 1999, Ch. 655, Sec. 82.)
Cite as: Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code §4975.

An acupuncture corporation is a corporation which is authorized to render professional services, as defined in Section 13401 of the Corporations Code, so long as that corporation and its shareholders, officers, directors, and employees rendering professional services who are acupuncturists are in compliance with the Moscone-Knox Professional Corporation Act, this article and all other statutes and regulations now or hereafter enacted or adopted pertaining to that corporation and the conduct of its affairs.

With respect to an acupuncture corporation, the governmental agency referred to in the Moscone-Knox Professional Corporation Act is the Acupuncture Board.

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