You are here: California / Code of Civil Procedure - CCP / CHAPTER 1. Trial Jury Selection and Management Act [190. - 237.] / Section 194.

Section 194. (Amended by Stats. 2002, Ch. 784, Sec. 39.)
Cite as: Cal. Civ. Proc. Code §194.

The following definitions govern the construction of this chapter:

(a)“County” means any county or any coterminous city and county.

(b)“Court” means a superior court of this state, and includes, when the context requires, any judge of the court.

(c)“Deferred jurors” are those prospective jurors whose request to reschedule their service to a more convenient time is granted by the jury commissioner.

(d)“Excused jurors” are those prospective jurors who are excused from service by the jury commissioner for valid reasons based on statute, state or local court rules, and policies.

(e)“Juror pool” means the group of prospective qualified jurors appearing for assignment to trial jury panels.

(f)“Jury of inquest” is a body of persons summoned from the citizens before the sheriff, coroner, or other ministerial officers, to inquire of particular facts.

(g)“Master list” means a list of names randomly selected from the source lists.

(h)“Potential juror” means any person whose name appears on a source list.

(i)“Prospective juror” means a juror whose name appears on the master list.

(j)“Qualified juror” means a person who meets the statutory qualifications for jury service.

(k)“Qualified juror list” means a list of qualified jurors.

(l)“Random” means that which occurs by mere chance indicating an unplanned sequence of selection where each juror’s name has substantially equal probability of being selected.

(m)“Source list” means a list used as a source of potential jurors.

(n)“Summons list” means a list of prospective or qualified jurors who are summoned to appear or to be available for jury service.

(o)“Trial jurors” are those jurors sworn to try and determine by verdict a question of fact.

(p)“Trial jury” means a body of persons selected from the citizens of the area served by the court and sworn to try and determine by verdict a question of fact.

(q)“Trial jury panel” means a group of prospective jurors assigned to a courtroom for the purpose of voir dire.

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