You are here: California / Corporations Code - CORP / CHAPTER 16. Voluntary Dissolution [6610. - 6618.] / Section 6613.

Section 6613. (Added by Stats. 1978, Ch. 567.)
Cite as: Cal. Corp. Code §6613.

(a)Voluntary proceedings for winding up the corporation commence upon the adoption of the resolution required by Section 6610 by the members, by the board and members, or by the board alone, electing to wind up and dissolve.

(b)When a voluntary proceeding for winding up has commenced, the board shall continue to act as a board and shall have full powers to wind up and settle its affairs, both before and after the filing of the certificate of dissolution.

(c)When a voluntary proceeding for winding up has commenced, the corporation shall cease to conduct its activities except to the extent necessary for the beneficial winding up thereof, to the extent necessary to carry out its purposes and except during such period as the board may deem necessary to preserve the corporation’s goodwill or going-concern value pending a sale or other disposition of its assets, or both, in whole or in part. The board shall cause written notice of the commencement of the proceeding for voluntary winding up to be given by mail to all its members (except no notice need be given to the members who voted in favor of winding up and dissolving the corporation), to all known creditors and claimants whose addresses appear on the records of the corporation, and to the Attorney General.

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