You are here: California / Elections Code - ELEC / ARTICLE 4. Circulation and Signatures—Nomination Documents [8060. - 8070.] / Section 8061.

Section 8061. (Enacted by Stats. 1994, Ch. 920, Sec. 2.)
Cite as: Cal. Elec. Code §8061.

If a candidate submits an in-lieu-filing-fee petition pursuant to Section 8106, any or all signatures appearing on the petition, which would be valid under Section 8041, shall be counted towards the number of voters required to sign a nomination paper. If an in-lieu-filing-fee petition contains a requisite number of valid signatures under Section 8062, the candidate shall not be required to file nomination papers, but may request the elections official to accept the petition instead of filing nomination papers.

If an in-lieu-filing-fee petition does not contain the requisite number of valid signatures as set forth in Section 8062, the candidate shall be entitled to file, within the time period allowed for filing nomination papers, a nomination paper in order to obtain the requisite number of valid signatures required to be submitted to the elections official on a nomination paper. A candidate who submits a nomination paper pursuant to this paragraph shall only be required to obtain the number of signatures thereon needed to supplement the in-lieu-filing-fee petition so that the combination of signatures appearing on the in-lieu-filing-fee petition and the nomination paper equals or exceeds the requisite number of signatures set forth in Section 8062.

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