You are here: California / Food and Agricultural Code - FAC / ARTICLE 6.5. Transporters of Inedible Kitchen Grease [19310. - 19317.] / Section 19314.

Section 19314. (Amended by Stats. 2006, Ch. 538, Sec. 201.)
Cite as: Cal. Food & Agric. Code §19314.

The department may suspend or revoke a registration certificate, at any time, if it finds any of the following has occurred:

(a)The registrant has sold or offered for sale to an unlicensed person, any inedible kitchen grease.

(b)The registrant has stolen, misappropriated, contaminated, or damaged inedible kitchen grease or containers thereof.

(c)The registrant has violated this article or any regulations adopted to implement this article.

(d)The registrant has taken possession of inedible kitchen grease from an unregistered transporter or has knowingly taken possession of inedible kitchen grease that has been stolen.

(e)The registrant has been found to have engaged in, or aided and abetted another person or entity in the commission of, any violation of a statute, regulation, or order relating to the transportation or disposal of inedible kitchen grease, including a violation of the federal Water Pollution Control Act (33 U.S.C. Sec. 1251 et seq.), the Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act (Chapter 1.5 (commencing with Section 13020) of Division 7 of the Water Code), Section 5650 of the Fish and Game Code, commercial vehicle weight limits, or commercial vehicle hours of service.

(f)For purposes of this section, “registrant” includes any business entity, trustee, officer, director, partner, person, or other entity holding more than 5 percent equity, ownership, or debt liability in the registered entity engaged in the transportation of inedible kitchen grease.

(g)(1)The registrant may appeal the suspension or revocation decision of the department.

(2)The department shall establish procedures for the appeals process, to include a noticed hearing.

(3)The department may reverse a suspension or revocation upon a finding of good cause to do so.

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