You are here: California / Family Code - FAM / ARTICLE 9. Miscellaneous Provisions [4975. - 5005.] / Section 5002.

Section 5002. (Amended by Stats. 2004, Ch. 339, Sec. 4.)
Cite as: Cal. Fam. Code §5002.

(a)In an action pursuant to this chapter prosecuted by the local child support agency or the Attorney General that is initiated by service of summons and petition or other comparable pleading, the respondent may also be served with a proposed judgment consistent with the relief sought in the petition or other comparable pleading. If the respondent’s income or income history is unknown to the local child support agency, the local child support agency may serve a form of proposed judgment with the petition and other documents on the respondent that shall inform the respondent that income shall be presumed to be the amount of the minimum wage, at 40 hours per week, established by the Industrial Welfare Commission pursuant to Section 1182.11 of the Labor Code, unless information concerning the respondent’s income is provided to the court. The respondent shall also receive notice that the proposed judgment will become effective if he or she fails to file a response with the court within 30 days after service.

(b)In any action pursuant to this chapter in which the judgment was obtained pursuant to presumed income, as set forth in this section, the court may set aside that part of the judgment or order concerning the amount of child support to be paid on the grounds specified and in the manner set forth in Section 17432.

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