You are here: California / Financial Code - FIN / ARTICLE 2. Remedies for Nonpayment of Rent [1660. - 1680.] / Section 1674.

Section 1674. (Enacted by Stats. 1951, Ch. 364.)
Cite as: Cal. Fin. Code §1674.

The power conferred on a bank to sell the contents of a safe-deposit box or personal property received for safekeeping or storage for nonpayment of rental or other charges, includes power to sell any bonds, stock certificates, promissory notes, choses in action, or other securities, and any other tangible or intangible property found in such box or in the container in which such personal property was received for safekeeping or storage, regardless of whether it appears from such securities or property that the person in whose name the box stood or to whom the safekeeping or storage receipt was issued, possesses title to any interest in such securities or other property or power to transfer such title or interest.

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