You are here: California / Financial Code - FIN / ARTICLE 3. Reports and Financial Statements [18405. - 18412.] / Section 18405.

Section 18405. (Repealed and added by Stats. 1976, Ch. 964.)
Cite as: Cal. Fin. Code §18405.

(a)On or before the 15th day of March of every year, each industrial loan company shall file with the commissioner an audit report containing audited financial statements together with such other relevant information as the commissioner may require relating to the company and to each place of business of the company. The audited financial statements shall include a balance sheet of the company prepared as of the last day of the preceding calendar year and statements of income and of surplus for such calendar year.

(b)An industrial loan company whose certificate has been surrendered or revoked shall, on or before 105 days after the effective date of such surrender or revocation, submit to the commissioner a closing audit report containing audited financial statements as of such effective date for the 12 months ending with such effective date, or for such other period as the commissioner may specify. Such report shall include the information required by subdivision (a) of this section and other relevant information specified by the commissioner. A company which has complied with this subdivision is exempted from the provisions of subdivision (a).

(c)The reports and financial statements referred to in subdivisions (a) and (b) shall be prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and shall be accompanied by a report, certificate, or opinion of an independent certified public accountant or independent public accountant, and shall contain such relevant information as the commissioner may require. The audits shall be conducted in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards and the rules and regulations of the commissioner.

(d)For good cause and upon written request, the commissioner may extend the time for compliance with subdivisions (a) and (b).

(e)If the report, certificate or opinion of the independent accountant referred to in subdivision (c) hereof is in any way qualified, the commissioner may require the company to take such action as he deems appropriate to permit an independent accountant to remove such qualification from the report, certificate or opinion.

(f)The commissioner may reject any financial statement, report, certificate or opinion filed pursuant to this section by notifying the company required to make such filing of its rejection and the cause thereof. Within 30 days after the receipt of such notice, the company shall correct such deficiency, and the failure so to do shall be deemed a violation of this division. The commissioner shall retain a copy of all filings so rejected.

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