You are here: California / Government Code - GOV / ARTICLE 10. Informal Hearing [11445.10. - 11445.60.] / Section 11445.10.

Section 11445.10. (Added by Stats. 1995, Ch. 938, Sec. 21.)
Cite as: Cal. Gov't. Code §11445.10.

(a)Subject to the limitations in this article, an agency may conduct an adjudicative proceeding under the informal hearing procedure provided in this article.

(b)The Legislature finds and declares the following:

(1)The informal hearing procedure is intended to satisfy due process and public policy requirements in a manner that is simpler and more expeditious than hearing procedures otherwise required by statute, for use in appropriate circumstances.

(2)The informal hearing procedure provides a forum in the nature of a conference in which a party has an opportunity to be heard by the presiding officer.

(3)The informal hearing procedure provides a forum that may accommodate a hearing where by regulation or statute a member of the public may participate without appearing or intervening as a party.

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