You are here: California / Health and Safety Code - HSC / ARTICLE 9. Continuing Care Retirement Community Closures [1793.80. - 1793.84.] / Section 1793.80.

Section 1793.80. (Added by Stats. 2009, Ch. 442, Sec. 3.)
Cite as: Cal. Health & Safety Code §1793.80.
(a)Notwithstanding any other provisions of law, a provider regulated under this chapter shall, no less than 120 days prior to the intended date of the permanent closure of a continuing care retirement community facility, as defined in paragraph (3) of subdivision (p) of Section 1771, provide written notice to the department and to the affected residents and their designated representatives. The notice shall contain the following statement of residents’ rights under this article, in no less than 12-point type:

“This facility is planned for permanent closure on or after [state date of closure] that will require you to vacate your living unit. Residents of continuing care retirement communities in California have certain rights and continuing care community providers have certain responsibilities when a continuing care community closes. Those rights include, but are not limited to, the following:

1.Prior to closing, the provider shall provide a permanent closure plan to the Continuing Care Contracts Branch of the State Department of Social Services that describes the options available to residents for relocating to another part of the facility, or another facility or the compensation to be provided to residents.

2.No action can be taken to relocate any resident or to close the facility until the permanent closure and relocation plan has been prepared and provided to the department, the affected residents of the facility and their designated representatives, and to the local long-term care ombudsman program.”

(b)Upon service of the closure notice when closure is planned for all units in a facility, the provider is prohibited from accepting new residents or entering into new continuing care contracts at the facility being closed.

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