You are here: California / Health and Safety Code - HSC / ARTICLE 4. Sale of Plots [8570. - 8574.] / Section 8573.

Section 8573. (Added by Stats. 1957, Ch. 1635.)
Cite as: Cal. Health & Safety Code §8573.

Any cemetery authority or its agents who sell, offer for sale, contract to sell, or negotiate the sale of mausoleum crypts before the receipt of a certificate of occupancy as provided for in Sections 9591 and 9592 shall:

(a) Set forth in each contract a specific period of time within which the building or structure shall be completed.

(b) Set forth in each contract that the purchaser has the right of exchange for similar interment property and, in the event completion is not accomplished as set forth in (a) above, except upon the proclamation of a national emergency, guarantee the refund of the purchase price.

(c) Provide adequate financial provision for the construction cost of the mausoleum or the refund of the sales price to the purchaser until such time as a certificate of occupancy has been received.

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