You are here: California / Insurance Code - INS / CHAPTER 7. VisionBenefitsandCopayments [12693.65. - 12693.66.] / Section 12693.66.

Section 12693.66. (Added by Stats. 1997, Ch. 623, Sec. 2.)
Cite as: Cal. Ins. Code §12693.66.

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, for a subscriber who is determined by the California Children’s Services Program to be eligible for benefits under the program pursuant to Article 5 (commencing with Section 123800) of Chapter 3 of Part 2 of Division 106 of the Health and Safety Code, a participating plan shall not be responsible for the provision of, or payment for, the particular services authorized by the California Children’s Services Program for the particular subscriber for the treatment of a California Children’s Services Program eligible medical condition. All other services provided under the participating plan shall be available to the subscriber.

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