You are here: California / Penal Code - PEN / ARTICLE 2. Electronic Monitoring [3010. - 3010.9.] / Section 3010.5.

Section 3010.5. (Added by Stats. 2005, Ch. 484, Sec. 2.)
Cite as: Cal. Penal Code §3010.5.

(a)The department shall have the sole discretion to decide which persons shall be supervised using continuous electronic monitoring administered by the department. No individual shall be required to participate in continuous electronic monitoring authorized by this article for any period of time longer than the term of parole.

(b)The department shall establish written guidelines that identify those persons on parole subject to continuous electronic monitoring authorized by this article. These guidelines shall include the need for enhancing monitoring in comparison to other persons not subject to the enhanced monitoring and the public safety needs that will be served by the enhanced monitoring.

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