You are here: California / Public Resources Code - PRC / ARTICLE 1. Initiation of Proceedings [26568. - 26568.3.] / Section 26568.2.

Section 26568.2. (Added by Stats. 1984, Ch. 555, Sec. 2.)
Cite as: Cal. Pub. Res. Code §26568.2.

A petition initiating proceedings for the formation of a district under this chapter shall contain substantially all of the following:

(a)A statement that the petition is made pursuant to this chapter.

(b)An indication, opposite each signature, of the lot, tract, and map number, or other legal description sufficient to identify the signature as that of the owner of land within the proposed district.

(c)The reasons necessitating the creation of the district under this chapter.

(d)A request that the time set for hearings on the formation of the district be on short notice and the reason or reasons for the request.

(e)A description of, or proposal for, work to be done, an estimate of the cost of the work, and proposed assessments.

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