You are here: California / Public Resources Code - PRC / ARTICLE 1. Concessions [5080.02. - 5080.29.] / Section 5080.08.

Section 5080.08. (Added by Stats. 1982, Ch. 1487, Sec. 7.)
Cite as: Cal. Pub. Res. Code §5080.08.

(a)The department shall require from prospective bidders answers to questions contained in a standard form of questionnaire and financial statement, including a complete statement of the prospective bidder’s financial ability and experience in maintaining and operating similar or related concessions or business activities. When completed, the questionnaire and financial statement shall be verified under oath by the bidder.

(b)The questionnaires and financial statements are confidential and are not open to public inspection. However, this subdivision shall not be construed to prevent reference thereto or use thereof in a civil action or a criminal prosecution by the state for a false statement contained therein.

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