You are here: California / Welfare and Institutions Code - WIC / CHAPTER 5.7. Nutrition Program for the Elderly [18325. - 18335.] / Section 18327.

Section 18327. (Added by Stats. 1972, Ch. 918.)
Cite as: Cal. Welf. & Inst. Code §18327.

The state plan referred to in Section 18326 shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

(1)Establishment of projects which, five or more days per week, provide at least one hot meal per day and any additional meals which the contracting agency or organization may elect to provide, each of which assures recommended dietary allowances;

(2)Provision of such nutrition projects for individuals aged 60 or over who are eligible;

(3)Furnishing of sites for such nutrition projects in close proximity to concentrations of eligible individuals’ residences, such as schools, churches, senior centers and facilities serving the aging;

(4)Utilization of administrative methods to assure maximum participation of eligible individuals;

(5)Provision of special menus, where feasible, to meet particular dietary needs arising from health or religious requirements or ethnic backgrounds;

(6)Provision of settings conducive to including, as a part of such projects, recreational activities, information, health and welfare counseling, and referral services;

(7)Provision of appropriate modes of transportation essential to maximum participation of eligible individuals confined to their homes;

(8)Establishment and administration of such projects with the advice of persons competent in the field and of older Californians who will themselves participate in the program.

(9)Nutrition education.

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